15th Way To Get Business Funding

15th Way To Get Business Funding

how do i get fund for my business

Just the other day I have received great feedback from our reader regarding “14 ways to get fund for your business”.

The readers response are really awesome and because of that I have tried to look into another business funding consideration.  And just thought that many people have forgotten to consider what is already within their reach.

If you know what is this, then thank yourself.  But some people still need to be reminded and so I am reminding them now.

The truth is when trying to look for a fund for business, you should first and foremost consider to use your own savings and this has been mentioned in “14 ways to get fund for your business”.  While trying to be more resourceful, consider to Sell your Idle properties.

Many of us wanted to have as much as we can.  And while doing so, many people are unaware that they have more than what they need and those things bought beyond they really need becomes idle.  Any item that we buy of course has corresponding monetary value and buying things that we do not really need puts our money in a state that it will render useless.

Some important tips in keeping or acquiring something:

Material Things

You have to acknowledge the fact that most material things such as mobile phone, sports equipment, cars, clothing, etc all depreciates and at the end it will become valueless after sometime.

Buy Something which Value Appreciates

In buying things, you have to think smart that its not just for your own satisfaction but as an investment vehicle.  Buy a car when you intend to resell it at a higher price – only if you believe that you are getting it a very low price compared than the actual market value.  Buy a real estate for investment purposes when you truly believe that the area has a great potential to increase its price soon.  Buy jewelries for fashion and investment but wear it only when you are in a secure place.

Invest on buying precious metals like Platinum, Gold and Silver.  All of these items appreciates its value much faster than other common metals.

So here is the bottom line:  If your are in need of fund, unless its an income generating property that has good investment return, sell your idle belongings while it has good monetary value.


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