PinoyLifeStyleAtbp.com has been launched in 2011 initially as an article directory site.  However, due to the wavering demand of users, Green Envision Philippines has temporarily frozen the updates on the site while planning how to make the site more interactive for its users in order to deliver more benefits.

In the last quarter of 2012, the work began and the site has shifted into a mall type store.  At this point, some issues and concerns on its operation has risen-up pushing Green Envision Philippines to move further.

This 2013, a new face of PinoyLifeStyleAtbp.com has risen as a General Public Forum site.  Its goal is to serve the public better by delivering useful information.  We aim to deliver truthful information and share knowledge coming from individual users.

We invite you to join us.  Help each and every member by providing useful guidance and tips and keep the interaction with them.

As an emerging Forum site, PinoyLifeStyleAtbp.com is everybody’s information source.

Keep in touch always,

– the PinoyLifeStyleAtbp.com Forum Admin

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