What is an Affiliate Program

You may have heard of website affiliate program?
Affiliate Program is a system where a program owner develops a Team of affiliate marketers to work together with the program owner by assisting in the marketing promotion of a particular product or services.  The Affiliates helps in providing means to expose the promotional advertising of the particular product (or service) in order to invite visitors to a website using a referral link and eventually buy the product or service.
Affiliates are earning good commission when the website visitor was able to visit the site through the Affiliate’s “unique” referral link and buys a product or services.  Affiliate commission are normally ranging from 5%-35% on highly valued items and up to 60% for digital products or services.  This means after a single sale has been made, the Affiliate can possibly earn from between $0.50 or even as high as $300 per single sale.

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