Architecture Jobs and Careers

Architecture Jobs and Careers

Architects are expected to be proficient in making designs and conceptualization.  They have enhanced skills in communicating ideas through models and graphics, and have gained competence in the artistic, practical and technical aspects of architecture. Their skills integrates both theoretical and practical approaches to their works with emphasis on the prime development of their profession’s creative and critical thinking skills.

Aside from the essential design, planning, structural conceptualization, the Architects are also are expected to have sound background in sciences, ethics and humanities. For Architects, it is necessary to appreciate the basic philosophy and concepts of the multi-dimensional aspects of architecture. Computer-aid in drafting and design to immerse in the design culture and have developed artistic skills and technical competencies in using state-of-the-art technologies.

Architects aims to infuse a high sense of intellectual capacity to seek for the truth, experience new fields and endeavor to enhance quality of life, and have knowledge as far as green building principles, sustainable design concepts, research methods and thesis.

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