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It’s the LOVER not the LOVE….

love song

“It’s the lover not the love who broke your heart last night; it’s the lover not the love that didn’t work out right. So if you listen to your heart; you know it’s true; it’s the lover not the love who deserted you.”

Remember these lines from a song?  They say that being in-love is the sweetest feeling anybody could have.  Heart beats faster than the usual speed. You feel happier ten times the normal state. You can see rainbow even it doesn’t rain. There’s a magical feeling of simply being together.  At times, you can do things beyond your limits. Impossible becomes conceivable.  Right can be wrong and mistake can be right. You are being oblivious of important issues that need your attention the most as all you look forward to see that special someone who makes your existence full. Oh LOVE!  🙂  Who doesn’t want to feel it, embrace it, and indulge in it?

But what if the person you showered with love suddenly turn her/his back on you? Your world trembles. Hopes vanish. Loneliness creeps in. You swiftly become the person in your nightmare that you won’t want to be.  You want revenge; you want to hurt the same person whom you pledge you’ll be spending the rest of your life with. You try to find answers behind those questions unanswerable.  And in some point if your life, you unable to find reason to fall in LOVE again.

Unhappy, miserable, rejected, ill-fated; these are outlooks a person transmit when wounded.

Then you stop and began to realize. Every person will come to culmination; a point where you stand and walk forward. It is called moving on. To others it may be sooner. To some it will come later.

Then you will start pin your ears back to your heart once more. You will smile, get excited on meeting someone new, and will just shrug your shoulders every time you reminisce the past. You will become hopeless romantic all over again.

Because just like in the lyrics of the song; A heart in love can lose it is true. Don’t give up in time to find, the one who’s right will come to you. It’s the LOVER not the LOVE who deserted you.

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Happy love month every- JUAN! 🙂



The “V” Day!-2013

valentines day, valentines greeting, valentines card, valentines celebration

For us Women, Valentine’s Day is considered as one of the yearly event we look forward to. Common’ Ladies, admit it:)!

Sad as it may seem only few Men understand and consider this day to be a big day for us. If your significant other falls under the “it will pass” kind of Men personality then I guess you belong to those wives, girlfriends and partners who chose to celebrate “V” day the kind of “I did it my way”.

But seriously, don’t you think it’s about time to include it in your bucket list for a change? Wouldn’t it be nice to do something extra ordinary or special on this day being a couple?

Well, here’s a list of ordinary things you could do or spend time with your wife, girlfriends and partners without spending extravagant.

1. Take a shower or bath together. Have warm towels in the dryer. Prepare in advance sliced apples, bananas, cantalope, peaches, and kiwi fruit. Have a CD of love songs playing in the background. Blindfold your partner, let your valentine’s senses examine the tastes and textures. This will be a very memorable, romantic evening I can promise you.

2. Try Home Spa. Spa’s can be a bit pricey, but that doesn’t mean you both have to miss out on a bit of pampering. Make Valentine’s Day a night where the two of you really get to relax and enjoy each other in your own home. Get some bath lotions and take a hot bath together. Set up a massage area somewhere, and break out some massage oil. Some good romantic music in the midst of all of this, flower petals, and you’ll begin to wonder how spas ever became a legitimate business.

3. Home-cooked Meal. For Men who don’t cook, pretend to be the Master Chef for a day and prepare for a sumptuous meal. That’s because anyone who’s ever cooked before knows it’s a labor of love, and something that cannot be taken for granted.

4. For married couples whose budget is an issue? Try this. Drop off your kids at your parents/in-laws or any relatives house and go back to your home and MAKE LOVE. This time try to be adventurous as possible. You know what I mean guys!:)

5. For long distance relationship. There is no better way to express your love than “SAY IT WITH FLOWERS & CHOCOLATES”. Old fashion it may seem but it will always sweep any women’s feet, believe me.

6. Have a movie marathon at home. Prepare popcorn, chips or any movie house food alike and enjoy your day of being together.

7. Try Hiking and bring your camera! Have a photo shoot during your trek and upload it on any social networking site and caption every moment.

8. If you live near the shore and it’s warm, go for a walk. If it’s not warm? BONUS! Give her your jacket to wear for the date.

9. Serenade him/her (if you like to sing)! Express your feelings by singing like Jason Mraz and Kristina Perry for a night.

10. The classic picnic in a park and Go treasure hunting afterwards. There may be a bucket of gold stocked under a tree. Who knows!

The lists are endless. All you need is a creative mind and be a romantic geek for a day!

Stay in-love, it’s the greatest feeling any one could have.


More about Valentines, see History of Valentine Video below: