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Plan your road trip travel in Santiago

travel plan to claver

While many of us are already used to commute even for long haul trips, many are still not able to plan their trips well.

Some may be aware of travel discomforts that every traveler can experience along the way.  For them, planning is necessary.  In my own opinion, I agree with them.  In the number of travels i have made in the past, I have documented some like the video below:  A road trip in Santiago located in Agusan Del Norte, Mindanao.

There are several things we need to be prepared of when making trips especially that we have our own vehicle.  Preparing our vehicle for this trip can be beneficial to us as travelers.

If you have any plan to travel to a place for the first time and you plan to bring your own transportation, be sure that you do as follows:

  • Prepare your transport for a long journey.  This means that you must ensure that your vehicle is at its optimum performance.  If you have not done yet, bring your vehicle to an auto shop for a quick preventive maintenance i.e. change of engine oil, transmission oil, gear oil, transmission fluid, and other form of lubricants if necessary.  Don’t forget to have your under chassis properly greased.   Inspect tires for any wear and tear sign that needs your attention and replace your vehicle’s tire when necessary.  Check cooling hoses and hoses and tubes that supplies power to the engine.  Bring your toolbox. The bottom line is check everything to ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy; can bring you to your destination and can bring you back to your home smoothly and safely.
  • Plan your Road Trip Travel well.  Take a look into your road map.  Look into distances and how much your fuel tank can accommodate to be sure that you can load up into the next available gas station.  You don’t want to be stuck in a remote place while you have lost all the fuel in the vehicle and have not found any gas station around.  If you are unsure, then it won’t hurt to bring an extra container or two of spare fuel, right?
  • Bring an extra spare tire.  Aside from the 5th tire hanging or placed at the back of your transport vehicle, it is wise to travel in remote places with another spare tire.  Trust me that you are not going to be able to look for a Brand New tire store when you are in these isolated areas.  Maybe there are small repair shops to fix your deflated tires but most of them are closed during night time.
  • Bring an ample supply of water.  Just in case you got stuck in a remote place, at least you won’t get dehydrated for the next 3 days.  You would not know if your vehicle can be repaired in such a time.  At least you would know that you have a safe water to drink.  Warning: Don’t drink water somewhere else that you cannot trust.  Most disease goes through the body by ingestion.   You don’t want to be sick while traveling right?
  • Take a look into who your passengers are; is there a baby that needs extra care or an adult over the golden years?  A sick person maybe?  One way or another, someone in your passenger list may need extra preparation such as the need to bring an anti-asthma medicine.  Consider all possibilities that you may encounter outside your home and be able to face such situation by getting the right preparation.
  • Check on news.  Is there any particular event in your route that may affect your trip or your safety?  Traffic re-routing? Typhoon or flooding?  Civil trouble? Yeah, you know already how these situations can affect your arrival in your destination.
  • BEFORE ROAD TRIP DEPARTURE: Make a double check of all those that has been listed.  If you find everything in order, then run another check on the third time.
  • RE-FILL WHILE ON TRIP:  If anything goes wrong with your extra-supply, or whatever you have brought was already consumed, then fill the bin again for emergency back-up.
  • YOUR CASH is YOUR PASSPORT.  Most of the case, bringing right amount of cash will bail you out from a difficult situation.  Therefore, don’t leave cash behind whenever you do a road trip.

I hope that above tips will assist you when you make a journey.  Trust me that I know this because I do road tripping a lot.

P.s. I may have missed something and if you have any other suggestion, please leave a nice comment below 🙂