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Top 8 Ladies Bags and How Is It Use

latest fashion bags 2013

Fashion Bags are ladies best friend.

Ever wonder why we ladies have a number of bags in our closets? It is because it’s essential for us. Yes, you heard me right. 🙂 Next to shoes and dresses, fashion bags are on top to our best friends. And when we chat about bags latest fashion, we do not only mean one piece of gear. We say bags for different occasion and usage especially for 2013 events.

Fashion Bags in general could be of any kind as long as it complements our daily attire and style. We normally carry a bag of the same hue that enhances our dress or simply give a touch of matching with our shoes.  Having said that, I know there are a lot of men raising their eyebrows from what they have heard.  I could help you understand your wife, girlfriend, partner and your daughter as well why we keep more than one piece of bag.  There’s more to it by just being fashionable.

Hear me out gentlemen. 🙂

Tote Bags

Tote bags are usually worn and used during our market days hence this kind of bag can carry a lot of stuff from grocery items to several stuff. Today, most of the supermarket and grocery sell re-usable tote bags in contribution to “Save the Earth” using green bags instead of using plastic shopping bags. We’re into green guys! 🙂

Hobo Bags

Hobo bag is called that way because it resembles the shape of the brindle on a stick that hobos are portrayed as carrying over their shoulder in drawings and cartoons. Hobo bags are very useful hence it can carry a lot of things from our make-up, perfumes, and other ladies need. Being carried like a standard shoulder bag and it is normally made from soft leather materials which can be sized in assortment.

Clutch Bags

Small and petite in size but can be very chic. Clutch is small enough to grip. Here we put our hankies, paper towels, keys, cosmetics, a hairbrush, mobile phone etc. Clutch bags are our basic needs during party and formal event.

Satchel Bags

This kind of bag commonly has a strap in the middle of the cover bag to secure the bags for not easily be open. A double secured lock to ensure safety of the things we put inside. Years ago, it is used only by students since they carry a lot of school paraphernalia.  But later it has evolved into a fashion icon as well.  Satchel bags can be made from various leather type, canvass and strong fabric of different prints and tones.

Baguette Bags

This bag has the same function as wallet only it has a strap equally looking like clutch, only it has a strap to facilitate the consumers. It is normally rectangular in shape, flat and narrow resembling a French loaf called baguette. Baguette bags are usually leather and synthetic leather made.

Messenger Bags

This is similar to what postman use to carry letters. To date, it is widely used as carrier not only to postman but to people who gets to carry paper works and various office documents at home. This is another must-have to mothers who like to travel together with her child/children.

Kelly Bags

Now sprouting over the market is the Kelly bag. Its’ basic feature is like a suitcase normally leather of good quality. Kelly bag is a creation of HERMES; the renowned manufacturer of high-end hand bags and was named after Grace Kelly, a famous actress during 50’s. This bag can be useful in carrying laptop. Simple in form but has a classy touch.


Pouches are round in shape which is generally made of fabric. This is used to store small pieces like lipstick, face powder and some coins. Other designs it with laces, patches and different embellishments.

Now that you are aware that all our bags has its purpose, most of you guys will no longer question us why we cling to those bags in our closet.

And in case you wanted to surprise your wife, partners and girlfriend with a gift on your anniversary? Buy one! These well-loved bags can be bought from department stores and designer’s boutique. There are also various site selling authentic bags of different designers to choose from. It is a known fact however that designer bags are quite expensive thus buying such can be considered as investment.  But who cares, right? Pampering your lovey can be rewarding at times!

Happy Shopping!