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Do you have what it takes to make money online?

successful online marketing money maker

What would it take for you to make money online?

Many have heard about success stories.  Many became millionaires. And upon hearing these stories, many people out-rightly jumps into it.  Its like a gold rush fever.  Each one wants to have their fair share of the digs and find in the internet.

Are you one of them?  Are you making your way to get your fair share?  Do you think you have what it takes to succeed?

The truth is, successful people does not think just like an average person.  Millionaires have learned to survive and they have used what they have learned.  Not everybody can be successful nor can become a millionaire one day.  It takes something.  Its not some sort of secret and truly most people have it in themselves but many have not tried to use it well.

Then what is it needed to take to make money online?  Continue reading and you will find out.

So here is the Little Boy, your Character.

Your character plays a big role in being successful in life.  Having laid-back attitude will not make you a winner.  Being impatient will bring you down and make you feel bored.

If you wanted to make money online, you should treat it in a fair manner just like you are employed by another.  Working on your own is not a magic wand that when you wave will bring you sort of fortune.  No, it does not work that way.  As said ahead, just like you are working for someone else, you need to wake up at the right time so you can start working.  Set your own working parameters.  If you are comfortable working between 8am to 5pm, then practice it just like no ordinary working habit.

Make plans.  Plan what you need to do.  Then make sure that you follow what you have planned.  Make sure that what you have planned for the day happens.  If time is not enough and you have missed one activity included in your plan, then include your backlog as priority for the next day working activity.

Improve yourself.  Never hinder yourself with something you do not know or know less.  Make your own research.  Look for more information in the internet.  Educate yourself from experience of other people.

Make connections.  Connecting with other people who have longer experience in making money online is one way to get a good information.  Start with forums and social media like Twitter and Facebook.  Be friendly and establish good reputation with them.  One way or another, you will know someone who really know something and who is willing to help  and share information.

Be creative.  You have in you the trait of being a natural artist.  Bring it out and use it.  It can help you in a lot of way.

Share your talent.  Make people aware of what you know.  Then it could make you one day a good Guru for them which can make you a millionaire.

Think.  Never forget to use your intelligence to make new experiments online.  You would not know if one day you can bring out something new to the world just like those people behind the creations of many software or even Facebook.

Be helpful.  Its a way of making new connections and meeting new people who one day may be able to help you around to be successful in making money online or with one of your projects.

Now here comes the Fat Man,  your Perseverance.  Perseverance to achieve something is a part of the other.  Even you have those good character qualities mentioned ahead but failed to become an achiever, then you will not be able to succeed in your online quest; and even in your offline world.

Making money online is a myth for many because many have failed.  But the truth is it is all about you being an individual.

If you have read this, then I am sure you will have a new direction in life and will be more successful.

I would appreciate if you leave a comment below. 🙂  Cheers!

How to earn extra income

earn and save extra money

Most people nowadays are writing blog for free just to share information. Buts it not just all about sharing information but also to earn an extra income.

Being an ordinary guy with an ordinary job requires you to be competitive in order to live a financially-worry-free life.  Having a job taxed as always decreases your potential to save money for your future.  And your time being tied-up in your job will just stop you for getting another job.  Yes, in other countries, there are opportunities out there that you can work for less time and get another employer to add-up into your source of income.  But if you find yourself still having a window to do something else, where would you spend your time?

Yes, you can spend your time to mingle with your friends or a quality time spent with your wife and kids.  Some people who have extra budget can do this regularly but not those average people.  Quality time needs quality things get done.  And most of the things we would do could mean that we need to spend some amount of money.  Its right that there are also economical ways to spend quality time but of course you also wanted your family to experience something else like going into another place or places from time to time.  Traveling along will need money you can spend to pay for any cost of transportation and any other incidental trip expenses.

Having extra savings will render the travel cost not much a problem but for many, there is a need for another opportunity so these guys can have an extra income they can use for future plans like travel activity or maybe replacing a defective appliance.  So what can you do?  There are so many ways to raise extra fund and with the presence of the opportunities which have been opened by the internet, these opportunities has become more accessible even at the comfort of your own home.

If you think you want to do something in the future but money is hindering you from any further action, then why not consider to jump into blogging and make an extra income?  You may have been already aware what blogging means right?  So I wont discuss anymore its definition.

Of course blogging means you have to write your free articles and post it into blog sites.  You are not employed by anyone in blogging.  And the result depends on your ability.  Confused?

This is how it could go for you. If you have not got yourself into blogging yet then you need to open yourself an account, say in Google’s  Already got your account?  Then you should start writing but before going further into your writing, you should read “Why people blog for free” to help you understand more on how your writing should be done.  Its just a simple summary of something important so that what you write could make sense.

When you have created your idea and have been able to put it into writing and then finally completed it, run a simple proofreading so that you may be able to correct some typo errors or to give you a chance to improve your grammar.  This is not just about writing something for your would-be readers to read but you need to at least bring your readers some quality presentation of information.  You get it right?  Your blog needs readers and readers will easily go away from your blog if you presented your information poorly.  Its synonymous to an agent selling a dirty car versus another agent selling a clean shiny car.  Do you get the point?

Now, if you believe you have done your part so what you have written would appear nice, then its time for you to “Publish” what you have written.  In, there is a not so tiny button-tab that you need to click so the world can start seeing your writings.

Make another article or three then start monetizing your writings by putting adsense ads monetization in it.  You can find this by going around your blogger dashboard and arrange the layout of your theme.  Customized your blog layout to include the advertisements from google.  It is all available right there and just in case it ask you for your Adsense ID and you have not got one yet, then go to Google Adsense .

One way or another, it will start earning some cash for the actions of your visitors.  Just may not be enough for what or when you need it but in due time, you can see that your earning increases.  Just continue posting articles and you are good with that.  Now, if you want to go and level up to increase your traffic exposure, I suggest that you read “How to make your free blog SEO friendly” .  I am sure this will help you increase your chance to earn more extra income.

Keep on visiting us.  Or simply follow and LIKE us on Facebook to get more information and maybe best or simple ways to earn money.  Gooduck!


How to make your free blog SEO friendly

shakespeares advice on seo

SEO or Search Engine Optimization; it’s a way of making your article or blog write-ups easily indexed by search engine services such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and other players around.

Why do we need to SE optimized our article?

As I mentioned in “Why People Blog For Free” people write article so other people can read it.  One way or another, writers would like to share ideas, questions, or experiences because information plays an important role in human lives.

Search engine optimized articles when indexed properly makes it easily located by search engines and appear on search page results.  Thus, this opens an automated opportunity for your articles to be read by people.

So how am I going to do it now?

You see, I don’t stop researching in order to learn and for now I can say that I am still continuously learning the basic.  Why?  Because the internet technology is a never ending improvement for the big players like those mentioned search engines and we need to always understand the rule of their games.

So here is how it’s working now when you want to write an article and make it search engine optimized.

First thing you need is to find out what topic it is that you want to discuss.  Is it about Health, Sports, Travel, etc? Here is my 5 cents tip: if you want more readers, then go for a topic which is currently hot.  Write something about what is on-Trend J Looking for what is trending is easy, just go to Google Trends.   You will be able to see about how much number of searches for the day for a particular Trend topic.  Before I start working for a write-up, I make sure that I visit this site to find out what is hot for the day.  At least it will give me idea where to start and if I am not interested to those, I write my own.  By the way, going to Google Trend is just a way.  There are other means out there for you to discover J

Second, when you are already firm of the topic you want to write, don’t write it yet! Why?  You should look for a nice keyword that will make your article search engine optimize.

Third, to look for keyword you can go to Google Adwords.  If you don’t have an account in Adwords, then it’s time for you to open one for yourself.  Don’t you worry; opening an Adword account is free just like the other Google services.  If you have a Gmail account, then you can use the same login credentials when you register for an Adwords account.  When you already have this account, then sign-in and go to the “Tools and Analysis” tab.  It’s a dropdown list where you should be able to see “Keyword Tool” link.

Again, Google Adwords is just another way.  There are also other free services out there outside Google.  And there are also Paid Services which can give you high return if you are a serious Internet Marketer.  Most of the serious internet marketers involved in PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns are using the paid services.

Fourth, when you try to find keywords in Google Adwords or in any other provider you can put a filter.  In Adwords Keyword Search, you can go around the page and look for a Filter area there.  The use of filter will help you if you want to look for a Keyword that is being searched Worldwide or a Keyword being searched for a particular country or region.   It goes this way:  if you are trying to get a keyword and the traffic you are targeting is the traffic coming from the Philippines, you should set Location:  Philippines or if you are targeting Worldwide Traffic, then you will remove the filter and set the Location: All.  You should understand that targeting a particular traffic from a region will give you an idea how much traffic is generated from a particular country using your chosen keyword.

When you start searching for Keywords with or without the use of the filter, the result will show the yearly search and the monthly search for that keyword.  Don’t be overwhelmed by too many keyword that may appear in results.

Choose the best high monthly traffic Keyword with Low competition.  Remember to also consider the number of yearly traffic of the keyword because a keyword may be highly search for the month but not for the whole year.

Choosing a keyword with medium or high competition means that you will be on a tough situation before your article can be indexed by search engines in pages 1 to 10 of the search engine page result.

Fifth, get at least five different long-tail keywords.  An example of a keyword is “Vitamins” or “Kidney Vitamins” while an example of a long-tail keyword is “Kidney Protective Vitamin” or “Protective Vitamins for Kidney”.  Another is “effective vitamin for kidney protection” or “kidney protection effective vitamins”.  You just have to make your imagination run and you can create more low competition keyword in your mind.

Sixth, start writing your article.

Seventh, while you write your article, place your specific keyword using different formation of words in the first sentence of your paragraph.   The keyword should be placed in the first ninety characters of the first sentence of the paragraph.  Here when I say ninety characters, spaces will also need to be counted as well.  Put another keyword or two using another phrase in the body in different locations.  You can even make your KeyPhrase BOLD, underlined, or italic for easy search engine identification.  Then put another longtail keyword in the closing of your article.

Eight, it is important to acknowledge the most sensitive parts of an article.  They are: the URL, the TITLE, the KEYWORDS, the DESCRIPTION, the PAGE CONTENT, the IMAGES, and the LINKS.  These all should be mixed with keyword coming from any of the five longtail keywords you have chosen.  Don’t you worry when you mix them up even to the point that it would read funny or grammatically incorrect.  At least try to minimize its impact the best way you can.

If you are using WordPress to publish your articles, you can put customization in the settings located in your WordPress Dashboard in order to have the SEO requirements complied with.  A separate article will be soon available on “HOW TO CUSTOMIZED WORDPRESS PUBLISHING FOR SEO”.  Meantime, you will have to familiarize yourself first of all those tips mentioned above before you go into the next level of this topic.

Why people blog for free

free bog for public speaking

People write free blogs and article so other people can read it.  One way or another, we would like to share ideas, questions, or experiences.  Information plays an important role in our lives.

But are we writing articles just to share it to our friends?  Some would say yes but most would say no.  It’s a fact that many of us writes an article or shares blog because we wanted to be noticed by sharing what we know.  In this world, it doesn’t matter if you are very intelligent when no one knows that you are.  That is why we do write-ups and share it through blogs, article directories, newspapers, books, etc.

During the recent years I continually strive to understand how effective writing can be done.  Yes, I have a BS and have also taken MBA for a while.  But the reality is a bit different from what we learn in classrooms.  I created free blogs many times and built websites just being curious to learn the basics and to be “in” around the internet circle.  But the most important thing is when I have discovered a couple of times that I fail for one reason or another.

In the beginning, I posted articles to my blogs by simply borrowing ideas of other writers, whew!  I am a bad writer huh?  Excuse me but you are damn right!  I have my reason why and it’s not a bad idea to copy someone else’s work, but the most important thing to do is to give the credit to the original writer.  Never steal other people’s writings.  If you are not yet ready to write your own, then don’t forget to include in the footer of your copied article the source of the said article or whoever wrote it.  Give the credit to them whenever you repost their articles.  Eventually, I will discourage you to continuously practice copying.  Mind you that copying another man’s idea is Plagiarism and it is not socially acceptable.

The most important thing in writing is originality because writing is an art and the beauty of an art depends on its artist.  Your idea even copied by someone else is still yours and nobody has any right to steal it from you.  So, you should begin bringing your own self into your own writings.

Moving forward, I eventually started writing my own free blog thingy.  I started from one topic into another.  I believe that if some other writers have their distinct knowledge, I also have mine.  But again, whatever it is that we write should be read by someone else to serve its purpose – sharing…. and what we share is…. information.

But how do we share our writings?  Placing our articles in a free blog site is not enough.  You don’t want to post article that no one could ever read.  Perhaps there will be few who will be able to find it out but won’t you feel a lot better if many others will read what have you labored?

Yes, you can share the articles you have written and posted into a blog site simply by giving them the exact location link of the page where you have posted your article.  But how long would you be able to do this?  How much friend circle do you have?  10? 100?  Or maybe you can also extend further and put the article link into your Facebook account so you can share it with your Facebook connections and friends.  But still, how many are in your Facebook friend list? 500? 2000?  Even you have the maximum number of listed friends in Facebook which is 5,000, you will still not be able to share it as widely to the world as possible.

So what do we do then?  We need to automate sharing our written free blogs by going back to the basic.  Let search engines like Google or Yahoo and the others open the doors for you without the need to exert too much effort.  Did it made sense for you?  Now if you want to gear up to the next level, you should learn Search Engine Optimization.  You can read another article I made titled “How To Make Your Free Blog SEO Friendly”.

Moving Forward with Making Money and Relaxation

Another beautiful day, isn’t it?

Yes, one important thing we have to keep in mind is always letting the positive things go through ourselves.  This invites good charm or “karma” which turns most of things around us in the same positive behavior.
While I was having my coffee this morning, I have been reminded by the last article which I have shared with you touching the topic on “relaxing while earning money”.  I can also remember that I have promised you another article in relation to that.
If you can remember I have mentioned also that at the time I am writing that article, I was browsing the internet and looking for something
that might interest me.  Actually, I happen to visit one website and had interest to dig on its pages.
One thing I had interest with is this website’s existing programs.  Well, I am not referring to software programs but what I am mentioning here is the program that can make me money – haha 🙂
As I said before, while I enjoy the thing that I do and spend my time doing it, I want to make sure that the time I am spending is
worth the while spent.  I had to make sure that I just don’t simply waste my time without gaining something monetarily.  Nope, it doesn’t mean that I just need to earn money but its more realistic to say that I like to do things that I love doing which makes me feel fulfilled and at the same time makes me money 🙂  – did you catch it? Think. It’s just like hitting two birds in the same throw of a single stone.  Now you get my point. 🙂
So how do you think I make money with that?  Let me tell you my secret.  I look for credible websites and look around for opportunities.  That’s it.  Sounds simple? Maybe yes; maybe no.  Trust me if I say to you that I have spent so much hours and money before learning the ins and outs of making money online.  The truth is there is no easy money when you are a beginner.  Another truth however, is that the internet is a Multi-Billion business and anybody can jumped into it; even a 15 year old can make money in this industry so long that you are in the right path.  No BS course is required here.  Just a matter of common-sense together with your ability to learn will help you a lot.  Add it up with your drive to succeed and push yourself to move forward.  As long as you have the interest and spare time to do it, you can jump-in and earn.
If you are the kind of person who is new in this industry, you will need however a strong foundation.  You can start it on your own but I can guarantee you that you will be wasting a lot of time and money just the same way I did before.  Yes, I admit it.  It is true that I failed a lot of times.  And I also lost money in the process.  But failing didn’t stop me from continuously trying to know what works and what is not.
As a beginner, the easiest way for you is to follow an honest mentor who shall be willing to share his or her knowledge and skills in this arena.  A mentor who has been honed by years of experience is what you need.
I am not saying that I am the right person to be your mentor but if you feel that I know what I am saying here and you have start trusting me then you will not fall to the wrong hands.  If you do not know, mentoring is like a relationship.  You have to believe and trust your partner for any kind of relationship to grow more and mature in time.
Going back the other day, I stumbled upon and looked around.  What interests me is when I discovered that they are running a program for affiliates.  In internet marketing, it is commonly called “Affiliate Program”.
You may or may not have heard yet about it.  If you did, it’s good.  But for those who have not yet crossed upon this term, I will explain it to you as simple as possible.
So what is an affiliate program anyway? Go here to know more about Affiliate Program.
If you want to know more about DomainHostingTop’s Affiliate Program now, click here otherwise you may copy and paste or type this link:  into your browser and hit the Enter key of your keyboard to go to the site.
There is a lot of variation how to do this kind of product or services promotion.  Such promotion is called Affiliate Marketing.  As I have discussed in one of my e-book “New Generation Internet Marketing Guide 2012”, Affiliate marketing through websites and other means is the process of selling products or services that are created by a group or an individual and sharing in the profits from the sale. Affiliate marketing makes it possible for beginners to jump into the marketing service and start receiving revenue by marketing an already complete project, product
or services. If you want to know more about this topic, simply sign-up to my free Affiliate Marketing Coaching.  Here, when I say free, it means you don’t have to pay anything for it.
Going back to the earlier affiliate program that I have mentioned, I would strongly suggest that you take your part and jump into their program.  I have seen in their website how organize and professional they are.  I can also say that the compensation they are offering for affiliate is well up-and-above the usual compensation packages you can get from other websites offering the same kind of products.  Sshhhh… do not share this with anyone else but I have noticed that they will even pay you an instant $5 dollar bonus right away just for signing-up to their program.  Will that interest you?  If yes then go ahead because you can get even more than just a five dollar.
Meantime, I suggest you to just think once and signup in that program; because there is no need to think twice for this opportunity easily opened to you.  Most affiliate programs are being flooded by new affiliate sign-ups.  If this happens, the Affiliate Programs closes in a matter of time.  The Program Owners do this to keep and maintain a close relationship with their existing affiliates and so they can concentrate in helping them through further method of research and development of promotional tools to help their member-affiliate succeed more and earn more commissions.
Now that you know one of my secrets how to simply make money, you are the judge if you will follow my steps or not.  I have also shared with you a program which I think can help you raise some funds, and easily jump into it. 🙂
The next thing you should do is to decide whether to take this seriously and move forward or be a looser and waste your time for nothing in return.
Remember that Time is Gold. Oh, yeah.  Don’t be too literal!
In my next article, I will be touching more about Promoting Products online.  If you are running an existing affiliate marketing efforts for a certain product or you have decided to join the affiliate program still open at, then my next article can build you up and guide you more in your marketing promotions.
See you then, Ciao!
If you find the above article useful for your success, I invite you to take part of my Free Coaching Program discussing different self-improvement topics by signing-up below.  Don’t worry, I hate spamming and I value my own privacy same as I value yours, trust me 🙂

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