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Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Pope Francis I): The first Latin American Pope

The First Latin Amrican Pope

Pope Francis I (pronunciation: /ˈfrænsɨs/, /ˈfrɑːnsɨs/; Latin: Papa Franciscus Primus [franˈtʃiskus]; Italian: Papa Francesco Primo; born Jorge Mario Bergoglio[a] on 17 December 1936) is the 266th[2][3] and current pope of the Catholic Church, elected on 13 March 2013. In that role, he is both the leader of the Catholic Church and sovereign ruler of the Vatican City State. From 1998 until his election as pope, he served as the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, and was made a cardinal in 2001 by Pope John Paul II.

Francis is the first Jesuit and the first from the Americas to be elected Pope. He is the first non-European pope since Syrian-born Pope Gregory III, who died in 741.- Wikipedia France

To the 1.2 Billion Catholics worldwide, having a new leader is an enormous liberation. It has obliterated negative impact from the recent resignation of Pope Benedict XVI raising some negative issues and concerns on Catholic Church.

Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio, his real name, is known for being humble and is raised in a modest family being a son of a railroad worker. He is also compared to previous Pope John Paul II for being “conservative at the level of doctrine, and progressive on social issues”. As archbishop, it is said that he chooses to live a simple life living in an apartment rather than having a luxurious residence. He also travels by bus. His lifestyle is temperate and serious but wears a very pleasant personality and remains accessible to people.

Being a catholic myself, I am praying and hoping that Pope Francis I can extend and devote more of his time on important issues on Catholic Church. I hope he can travel further and reach out to people, Catholic or non-Catholics and truly impart to the world the real essence of Papacy.

Pope Francis I: our prayers are with you!

The 2013 Election, E-Technology of Philippine Politics and the Video Game

philippine election 2013

Warning:  you may find this article on E-voting, E-campaining and E-Politicking intriguing.

Since the proliferation of computers began about two decades ago, many things in the social process happened including how the country is being run by people behind every government.  More to this, harnessing the power of networking, the administration games changed.

If I recall it right in early 1990s when internet had started to become accessible to some people, they have started to study further how the use of this technology can be maximized.

Many years had passed by from then and internet, computer software and hardware, and skillful programmers played a big role in the change of our community, environment and every nation.

Most specifically in politics, people who are holding office or those who are looking to patch a political position are talking much about how to use this technology in the next level and maximize its use over election campaigning.

For the past 7 years, Filipino People became fully aware of social media and how possible it is to connect people even at the remotest area.   The Housemaid and the Yaya have facebook account or the other.  Communication is also easy through the help of SMS.  There is no need to own a desktop or laptop anymore as email can be sent straight from a mobile phone.  Some are even able to buy tablets, either because they need it or they just wanted to be “in”.

Over this technological development, politicians are the most benefited.  They can propagate political advertisement easily or run a like campaign over facebook.  Easily done.  Actually most in my facebook friend list are political figures and show business entertainers.  Most of them didn’t even bother to drop a personal message for me. Not even a “Hi Thanks for your support in my Political career” chuba thing.  Don’t expect.  This form of connection is just to show-off to their opponents that even online they have political allies, supporters: some politicians you connect with will even brag about you as their constituents – really?. What a shameful term.  If you go deeper and try to re-word constituent, it may mean a component or a part.  Yes, you are just a part of their political career.  And just like any car or transport vehicles, parts are only attended to when something is already wrong to the whole system which will jeopardize their political career.

Since the election is again now about to come soon this 2013, many would want to connect to you.  To show they can extend some sort of personal touch, sure?!

Many of them will again show up in the social media, and brag about their hard work while they are just actually sleeping during sessions in the House because they went home late last night after partying and needs to recharge for the next party tonight.

I personally value the importance of our able programmers.

What if our able programmers develop a political console game?

If someone would buy my challenge, why don’t you guys create this program?  A program that would challenge our politicians to register, log in, and play their role just like what they are running for (i.e.: if the politician is running for a seat in the Senate, Congress, or even Presidency, then he could simply tick a choice; what he chooses loads the rule of the game) and let us all see what programs, laws, priorities, people empowerment, social and economic development he has in mind.  It will be just a like a video console game.  In this way, we can easily see if the guy running for a seat will really contribute to the society aiming for the well-being of every one and not for the few ones.  We just need this console game realistic to the current scenario of our country – show the crime rate, insurgency, corruption problem, etc etc.

Don’t ask me where to load this software, you can consider running it in a government server (or publicly owned server) such as those controlled by the Philippine Information Agency (PIA).