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Gold in the Philippines: How is it extracted

gold mining operation in the philippines

When we talked the last time about gold in the Philippines and why foreign settlers who loves gold choses to settle in this country, I thought of expounding more idea about this topic.

It is also for some people’s awareness that they should understand where gold in the Philippines are extracted from.

Basically, natural gold in the Philippines comes from highly-mineralized soil and that means you will not just find gold minerals in the soil but also other solid elements such as silver, ore, aluminum, etc.

In the norms, gold are extracted in volume through the process of mining.  Mining operation may come in a way of digging holes into the deeper part of the ground, and once the tested soil becomes positive with the characteristics of gold presence, the soil is transferred to a soil storage area before relayed to a conveyor in its way to a ball mill.

The ball mill crushes hard soils and rocks (pulverization) into smaller bits until it becomes almost 96% crushed.  By this process, the gold may have already come out and separated from its holder soil or rock.  This gold comes down to a strainer and separates from the rock and soil.  The rock and soil will go further for more grinding process until completely powdered and those extracted will be collected for drying, split into fractions for sampling, analysis and further going into assay process.

Assay process is where the potential gold and silver bearing solid is being melted and treated with chemical to properly identify accurately how the metal (gold or silver) may be valuable bring out its best quality or grade and to understand its value.

Assay process has been present since about 500 years ago and the most common is the fire assay.  At the current times however, there are more advance assay process equipment that are being use by advance operation mining companies such as atomic absorption, mass spectroscopy and other advance techniques.

I will not discuss further in details what is being done in the whole process but it basically goes like what has been mentioned above: the Philippines gold mining process in layman terms.

On the other hand, some mining operations extract the soil directly by scraping the ground.  This may be look upon as almost the same as quarrying operations where the scraped soil is also transferred to a soil storage area before going to the milling process.

But there is more to this, Gold Panning is another process where people recovers gold particles from soil which were brought by erosion and flowed into rivers and streams.  Some people who are into gold panning uses a pan to separate river soil and the gold particle apart.  Though this may not be a big extraction operation, this is also an awesome money maker to many.

Gold extraction in the Philippines takes a lot of process and takes the Philippine gold price into the next level.

I may be discussing the process further in my next article but meantime, those process mentioned above are the basics of extracting natural gold in the Philippines.




Gold in the Philippines: Facts to know

gold in the philippines

Why the Philippines is considered naturally wealthy? Gold in Philippines and other valuable minerals are scattered in this country.

gold in the philippines

Gold Nuggets sample.

Since 5 centuries ago, the Philippines was frequently visited by foreign explorers and travelers.  Notably, the largest population of foreigners mostly from Spain and other European country stayed in the Philippines for many decades.  Others lived for generations until today.  Many of these immigrants knows that the Philippines was rich in natural gold.

This is the reason why the Philippine gold has become the favorite of most Europeans and other people in the world.  Due to its availability, the gold in the Philippines has lower value in the world market.  This is not because of the grade of gold but due to high supply.

At the moment, the Philippine gold has put its name in the world market and has been competitive on quality and price.  Even the demand is currently high for the past decades, the supply of gold in the Philippines remain within reach.

Note to readers:  Visit us again for more information about Gold in the Philippines.

Tour Manila

Love being a tourist somewhere?  How about a good tour in Manila? If you are not from the Philippines, have you heard about Manila?

Manila is the main capital of the Philippines located in the heart of Luzon in the National Capital Region.

I will not discuss much about statistics or geography here but allow me to tell you that Manila tour is one of the most exciting to do and a good places to go when you visit the Philippines if you are into social life.

Hotels and Accommodation:

Where to stay is not a problem when you are around the streets of Manila.  From 5-Star Hotels down to Apartelle or Tourist Inn, it is found everywhere at a reasonable cost.  I can say this because I actually live in a neighboring city just beside this highly populated place.


Just like any other Asian Cities, Manila has a wide-facility enough to transport people in and around.  From its very own Passenger Jeepney, Taxi, Car Rentals, Buses, Trains, Boats (in certain areas),  and even choppers are all available so no need to worry.


Filipinos are loving, caring, and hospitable people.  As a majority, you will see them as friendly as you can imagine.  However, just like in any other cities around the world and even in those fully developed countries, some scammers and bullies exist.  Just be alert and avoid being a victim of scam and you’ll be good.  Simply forget about those some low-class bullies.


When hotels are easy to find, dining is not a problem.  Aside from the hotels, there are a lot of food-chain stores out there ready to serve you, some on a 24 hours basis.

Where to Go:

Whether you are a newbie or a previous visitor, I would recommend the following places when you are in Manila:


  • Makati City – the Financial District of the Philippines
  • Ortigas Center, Pasig City
  • The Fort in Bonifacio Global City
  • The SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City

The places mentioned above is easily accessible and considered 30 minutes to 1 hour apart from each other.


  • The Fort Santiago in Intramuros, Manila
  • The Walled City of Intramuros which is adjacent to Ft. Santiago
  • The Manila Ocean Park near Quirino Grandstand in Rizal Park
  • The BreakWater of Manila Bay
  • Some beaches are also available in Cavite and Batangas which is approximately 2 hours drive from Manila
  • Tagaytay
  • Diving spots in Batangas which is about 2.5 hours to 3.5 hours drive from Manila

I surely expect that above information will be of help on your tour in Manila.  Come back and read this article from time to time as I may have new updates to include.  Enjoy your travel and be safe!