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Newbies 13 Easy Step to Make Serious Money Online

Since the birth of Internet Marketing in year 1996, there have been a lot of changes in the internet marketing world.  While this is the case, the basic has not gone too complicated. However, there are few things that have been adjusted and newbies in IM needs to be aware of in order to jump into this very lucrative source of income.


I have been reading different articles for many years written by respected Internet Marketers from different industries and while doing so, there are only few chances that I got solid information from any of them that teach what exact methods have to be implemented in order that a newbie marketer can follow to start making money online.  This is one of the causes I have written this very concise and straight forward article to help you guys start building your dreams and winning your game in the internet arena.

Below listed are the basic things to guide and help you gain additional knowledge and direction in order to move forward and make serious money online:

1)            Create Account with Payment Gateways

2)            Create Account with Social Media

3)            Improve Your Social Media Connections

4)            Join Affiliate Programs

5)            Identify and decide on your focus Niche

5)            Open a Blog or a Forum

6)            Start Writing Articles for your Blog

7)            Promote Your Affiliate Products

8)            SE Optimize Your Articles – Get to Know the Panda and the Penguin

9)            Ping your Blogs

10)          Build Backlinks

11)          Ping the Websites of Your Backlinks

12)          Testing, Monitoring, and Tweaking

13)          Monetize Your Website Traffic

Equip yourself with more information regarding the above itemized topics and it’s a surefire strategy that you can earn money online.  If you don’t want or don’t have time to make your own study and research, I have done this for you.  Soon you will be able to download my e-book discussing the above topics and other secret tactics you may want to implement yourself to boost your online income.

Here is to your success!

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