New People’s Army attacked Mining sites

The NPA conducted attacks on October 3, 2011 against three large-scale mining corporations in Surigao del Norte. The spectacular attacks spanned 5 hours but resulted in grave damages, including the burning of about 40 dump trucks, eight backhoes, two barges, two patrol boats and a guest house.

The mining firms attacked include the Taganito Mining Corporation at Taganito village in Claver town, the 3K Mining at Cadiano village, also in Claver, and the Thpal Mining located near the Taganito Mining Corp. compound. The Armed forces of the Philippines (AFP) claimed that the NPA attacked the mining firms because of their failure to pay “revolutionary taxes.”

The NPA justified the attacks as part of “the policy of the revolutionary movement” related to the protection of the environment and natural resources and the defense of the rights of the Lumad people, peasants, and workers.

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