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Aftermath of the Mining attacks in Surigao – What happened after six months from its attack

It has been six months after the attack in the town of Claver, Surigao Del Norte, Northern Mindanao, Philippines.  Many have been asking what happen afterwards?  What was the fate of the people working in the mine sites and in the construction facility where the THPAL Plant is being constructed?  What is the next plan of the NPA who attacked the area in October 3, 2011?  What is going to happen next and what should be expected?

After the attack in these mining sites, some big players have to stop meanwhile to assess their damages.  A careful planning is needed to be done in order to decide what to do next.  It all costs money, and time; and future attack may cost lives.

Many have lost their jobs as a result of the stoppage of work at these mining sites.  Families were dislocated in order to find another job to replace what they previously have.   Some unfortunate kids have to stop in their school due to financial or security issues.  The bottomline is that nobody wins when things like these happens.

Mining companies and their investors need to look into the matter more; heightening their focus on security and stability issues.  Without security, there is no stability; without stability, there is no security.

The investment of these companies have already been put into the gaming table.  They can no longer move backward and withdraw.  All they have to do is try whatever things are possible in order to move on and get whatever it is that they really wanted in the first place – to generate profit from these facilities.

Six months after the attack, these companies are now on its full blast activity.  The other mining firms which are already operating at the time of the October 3 siege is now on full-scale operation.  The THPAL project is on its full blast construction and is expected to be completed by 2013.

We hope that what happened in October 3 will not be repeated again.  This will happen only if the parties involved will sit on a negotiating table and arrive into a Win/Win long term agreement.