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How to earn extra income

earn and save extra money

Most people nowadays are writing blog for free just to share information. Buts it not just all about sharing information but also to earn an extra income.

Being an ordinary guy with an ordinary job requires you to be competitive in order to live a financially-worry-free life.  Having a job taxed as always decreases your potential to save money for your future.  And your time being tied-up in your job will just stop you for getting another job.  Yes, in other countries, there are opportunities out there that you can work for less time and get another employer to add-up into your source of income.  But if you find yourself still having a window to do something else, where would you spend your time?

Yes, you can spend your time to mingle with your friends or a quality time spent with your wife and kids.  Some people who have extra budget can do this regularly but not those average people.  Quality time needs quality things get done.  And most of the things we would do could mean that we need to spend some amount of money.  Its right that there are also economical ways to spend quality time but of course you also wanted your family to experience something else like going into another place or places from time to time.  Traveling along will need money you can spend to pay for any cost of transportation and any other incidental trip expenses.

Having extra savings will render the travel cost not much a problem but for many, there is a need for another opportunity so these guys can have an extra income they can use for future plans like travel activity or maybe replacing a defective appliance.  So what can you do?  There are so many ways to raise extra fund and with the presence of the opportunities which have been opened by the internet, these opportunities has become more accessible even at the comfort of your own home.

If you think you want to do something in the future but money is hindering you from any further action, then why not consider to jump into blogging and make an extra income?  You may have been already aware what blogging means right?  So I wont discuss anymore its definition.

Of course blogging means you have to write your free articles and post it into blog sites.  You are not employed by anyone in blogging.  And the result depends on your ability.  Confused?

This is how it could go for you. If you have not got yourself into blogging yet then you need to open yourself an account, say in Google’s Blogger.com.  Already got your Blogger.com account?  Then you should start writing but before going further into your writing, you should read “Why people blog for free” to help you understand more on how your writing should be done.  Its just a simple summary of something important so that what you write could make sense.

When you have created your idea and have been able to put it into writing and then finally completed it, run a simple proofreading so that you may be able to correct some typo errors or to give you a chance to improve your grammar.  This is not just about writing something for your would-be readers to read but you need to at least bring your readers some quality presentation of information.  You get it right?  Your blog needs readers and readers will easily go away from your blog if you presented your information poorly.  Its synonymous to an agent selling a dirty car versus another agent selling a clean shiny car.  Do you get the point?

Now, if you believe you have done your part so what you have written would appear nice, then its time for you to “Publish” what you have written.  In blogger.com, there is a not so tiny button-tab that you need to click so the world can start seeing your writings.

Make another article or three then start monetizing your writings by putting adsense ads monetization in it.  You can find this by going around your blogger dashboard and arrange the layout of your theme.  Customized your blog layout to include the advertisements from google.  It is all available right there and just in case it ask you for your Adsense ID and you have not got one yet, then go to Google Adsense .

One way or another, it will start earning some cash for the actions of your visitors.  Just may not be enough for what or when you need it but in due time, you can see that your earning increases.  Just continue posting articles and you are good with that.  Now, if you want to go and level up to increase your traffic exposure, I suggest that you read “How to make your free blog SEO friendly” .  I am sure this will help you increase your chance to earn more extra income.

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