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Lazaro Arbos; the next 2013 American Idol?

Blessing from God!

From beautiful country singer, handsome balladeer to a well-known rock star, American Idol has showcased divergent individuals with astounding talent when it comes to singing. AI winner has been envied by many and idolized by realm. For America, AI is the way to stardom.

It has been years now that I follow AI. But season 12 for me is quite remarkable. I am being startled and touched by one hopeful contestant that I find unique and admirable. He’s name is Lazaro Arbos.  Originated from Cuba but now living with his parents in Naples, Florida. Yes, Lazaro Arbos can sing well. In fact, he’s very good at it. But this is not the reason I find him admirable.  Ironically, Lazaro has severe speech impediment. But amidst having this kind of condition, he pursues his dream by joining American Idol and now on his way up to recognition.

I hope fans from all over can extend their votes to this gifted individual. Truly, a living example of I.N.S.P.I.R.A.T.I.O.N

To Lazaro Arbos, you are now a GLOBAL IDOL!