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Philippines: An Asteroid Danger Zone

philippines on asteroid impact 2013

Being an Asteroid Danger Zone is a freaky place to live in.

While this is so, do you know that the Philippines is one of the couple of countries that are actually located in a this danger zone?  To some who does their research and homework, this is no longer a surprise.  But for many who are simply busy with their ordinary day-to-day living, they may have no idea and may not have preparations on catastrophes like this.

Just the other day, thousands of people were injured and hurt after a destructive meteor shower hits Siberia in Russia.  Although this event has been expected by researchers, people still have nowhere to go or may have not been prepared for this to take place.  The number of people hurt was alarming and rose concerns in other areas and locations.

In a research study made in 2007, it appeared that the Philippines sits an a danger zone with high percentage of being hit by Asteroids and meteor showers.

Other countries included in the zone are:

• United States
• China
• India
• Japan
• Italy
• Britain
• Brazil
• Nigeria
• Indonesia

NASA reported that there are currently about 47,000 potentially hazard asteroids with the size of about 300 Feet wide seen from a distance of 500 Million miles away from Earth.  In other words, these sizes of asteroid are big enough to enter the Earth’s atmosphere.

Asteroid threat is not a small concern and this is already accepted as a great natural calamity for mankind.  But for most people who may have died in similar incident, the major cause of deaths are mostly not due to the impact of the asteroid but the human unpreparedness to face any kind of natural calamity.

How about you, do you think you have prepared your family for this kind of event?  We may need a Google Earth Asteroid to just have a virtual impact.