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The Beach Pebble of Mabua

mabua pebble beach resort surigaocity

Surigao, a place which is known of having majestic shoreline has a number of good beaches around.  From enjoying the waves of the Siargao Island to diving the depths of various Surigao Reefs, every place is a worth visiting for.  pebble beach of mabua

I had to buy my time so I could wander around the prominent shorelines of Surigao.  So far I have visited some in the north section facing the Siargao Island.  But one among the good beach pebble shorelines I have visited is the one in Brgy. Mabua.  It is located about 8 Kilometers of the eastern part of Surigao City.  mabua shoreline beach

Mabua is a common place for locals but hides its fabulous rounded stones on its shores.  Unlike any other beach shoreline where you will see white sand or near like, the beach of Mabua Surigao shoreline is held by captivating round stones of different sizes much bigger by 10 times or more than the marbles we have commonly known.  It is also known as pebble beech.  This makes the seawater clear looking where you can even see the ocean floor near the shoreline.

Fascinated by this ground formation, it had invited me to go into a dive to observe the depths of this area and it is more than I have been excited meeting the see creatures within.  A lot of water species can be found in these waters and when you move forward to the depth of more than 8 feet it will reveal the white sand that is kept by its stony shorelines.

It’s a good idea to visit this place by yourself.  Bring your family or friends along and enjoy this shoreline along with them in Surigao beach.  mabua pebble beach sunset

Surigao pebble beach resort is in the Northernmost part of Mindanao and is an hour and half fly by Cebu Pacific or Air Philippines.  Once a day, these air carriers have flight going to Surigao on different schedules.   It can also be reach by 45 minutes flight from Cebu.  If you are coming somewhere else in Mindanao, you can take land trip by Bachelor Bus but you will have to bear with the long haul trip which is about 8 hours from Davao City and 7 hours from Cagayan De Oro City.

So what else are you waiting for?  If cash budget is not a real problem, then start resort beaches and plan your trip now.  A 5 cents tip is to stay at least 3 days or more so you can hop around.