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Can Lakers, Frank Ocean, Rick Ross, or Tiger Woods go for jailbreak?

tiger woods, lakers

The LA Lakers, an American Professional Basketball Team; American Singer-Songwriter Frank Ocean; American Rapper Rick Ross and Professional Golf Legend Tiger Woods named in a jailbreak?

You may be asking if those guys are really going into jailbreaking.

Guys, don’t take it the way it may have come first in your mind.  Its just a parody.  But in reality, I am mentioning an operating system jailbreak and this is the iOS 6.1.

First possibility to have it done is when you are using an older version devices.  Apple’s latest OS can be jailbroken using Redsn0w version 0.9.15b3.  However, doing this requires that your device have to be connected to a computer every time that you have to start the device.

This newest version of Redsnow only support older version of i-devices from iphone 4 below but not on the new iphone 5 or other latest version of i-devices.

Some developers are now working to improve the ware that it will no longer require start-up of devices through computer connections.  They are also looking into further development that newer versions of devices such as iphone 5 and other latest gadgets will be able to be supported by this jailbreak ware.

So bet yah, Tiger Woods, the Lakers, Rick Ross and everybody can do this jailbreak on iOS 6.1.