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How to make your free blog SEO friendly

shakespeares advice on seo

SEO or Search Engine Optimization; it’s a way of making your article or blog write-ups easily indexed by search engine services such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and other players around.

Why do we need to SE optimized our article?

As I mentioned in “Why People Blog For Free” people write article so other people can read it.  One way or another, writers would like to share ideas, questions, or experiences because information plays an important role in human lives.

Search engine optimized articles when indexed properly makes it easily located by search engines and appear on search page results.  Thus, this opens an automated opportunity for your articles to be read by people.

So how am I going to do it now?

You see, I don’t stop researching in order to learn and for now I can say that I am still continuously learning the basic.  Why?  Because the internet technology is a never ending improvement for the big players like those mentioned search engines and we need to always understand the rule of their games.

So here is how it’s working now when you want to write an article and make it search engine optimized.

First thing you need is to find out what topic it is that you want to discuss.  Is it about Health, Sports, Travel, etc? Here is my 5 cents tip: if you want more readers, then go for a topic which is currently hot.  Write something about what is on-Trend J Looking for what is trending is easy, just go to Google Trends.   You will be able to see about how much number of searches for the day for a particular Trend topic.  Before I start working for a write-up, I make sure that I visit this site to find out what is hot for the day.  At least it will give me idea where to start and if I am not interested to those, I write my own.  By the way, going to Google Trend is just a way.  There are other means out there for you to discover J

Second, when you are already firm of the topic you want to write, don’t write it yet! Why?  You should look for a nice keyword that will make your article search engine optimize.

Third, to look for keyword you can go to Google Adwords.  If you don’t have an account in Adwords, then it’s time for you to open one for yourself.  Don’t you worry; opening an Adword account is free just like the other Google services.  If you have a Gmail account, then you can use the same login credentials when you register for an Adwords account.  When you already have this account, then sign-in and go to the “Tools and Analysis” tab.  It’s a dropdown list where you should be able to see “Keyword Tool” link.

Again, Google Adwords is just another way.  There are also other free services out there outside Google.  And there are also Paid Services which can give you high return if you are a serious Internet Marketer.  Most of the serious internet marketers involved in PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns are using the paid services.

Fourth, when you try to find keywords in Google Adwords or in any other provider you can put a filter.  In Adwords Keyword Search, you can go around the page and look for a Filter area there.  The use of filter will help you if you want to look for a Keyword that is being searched Worldwide or a Keyword being searched for a particular country or region.   It goes this way:  if you are trying to get a keyword and the traffic you are targeting is the traffic coming from the Philippines, you should set Location:  Philippines or if you are targeting Worldwide Traffic, then you will remove the filter and set the Location: All.  You should understand that targeting a particular traffic from a region will give you an idea how much traffic is generated from a particular country using your chosen keyword.

When you start searching for Keywords with or without the use of the filter, the result will show the yearly search and the monthly search for that keyword.  Don’t be overwhelmed by too many keyword that may appear in results.

Choose the best high monthly traffic Keyword with Low competition.  Remember to also consider the number of yearly traffic of the keyword because a keyword may be highly search for the month but not for the whole year.

Choosing a keyword with medium or high competition means that you will be on a tough situation before your article can be indexed by search engines in pages 1 to 10 of the search engine page result.

Fifth, get at least five different long-tail keywords.  An example of a keyword is “Vitamins” or “Kidney Vitamins” while an example of a long-tail keyword is “Kidney Protective Vitamin” or “Protective Vitamins for Kidney”.  Another is “effective vitamin for kidney protection” or “kidney protection effective vitamins”.  You just have to make your imagination run and you can create more low competition keyword in your mind.

Sixth, start writing your article.

Seventh, while you write your article, place your specific keyword using different formation of words in the first sentence of your paragraph.   The keyword should be placed in the first ninety characters of the first sentence of the paragraph.  Here when I say ninety characters, spaces will also need to be counted as well.  Put another keyword or two using another phrase in the body in different locations.  You can even make your KeyPhrase BOLD, underlined, or italic for easy search engine identification.  Then put another longtail keyword in the closing of your article.

Eight, it is important to acknowledge the most sensitive parts of an article.  They are: the URL, the TITLE, the KEYWORDS, the DESCRIPTION, the PAGE CONTENT, the IMAGES, and the LINKS.  These all should be mixed with keyword coming from any of the five longtail keywords you have chosen.  Don’t you worry when you mix them up even to the point that it would read funny or grammatically incorrect.  At least try to minimize its impact the best way you can.

If you are using WordPress to publish your articles, you can put customization in the settings located in your WordPress Dashboard in order to have the SEO requirements complied with.  A separate article will be soon available on “HOW TO CUSTOMIZED WORDPRESS PUBLISHING FOR SEO”.  Meantime, you will have to familiarize yourself first of all those tips mentioned above before you go into the next level of this topic.