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Colds and Flu Season

cold and flu patient

Yes there is the cold and flu season again.

We may not consider this time of the year very pleasing but it’s inevitable when climate changes. We may not see it coming our way only to find ourselves in the middle of chorus of sneezes and cough in offices and at home.

Here are some tips to consider evading a chorale of cough and sneezing group. 🙂

ü  Have a Flu Shot once a year– yes, a vaccine of flu shot can help.  I do this yearly specifically for my daughter who goes to school as colds and cough is always present in a classroom. A flu shot with AN1H1 normally ranges from Php1000 to 1,200. Fair enough right? Instead of buying medicines every now and then to treat cough and colds and paying hospital bills in cases of a complex sickness. Just make sure to have your child/children examined by your family doctor prior to taking vaccines of any kind.

ü  Take plenty of Fluids– this can be the old fashion way of treating various sickness but loading up our body with liquids can help our system draining various toxins inside us. 8 to 12 glasses a day is still best. If you want to add flavor then try lemonade and fruit juices. In doing this, please do the natural way.  Fruits are kinda’ cheap during this season. So drink, drink and drink.

ü  Move your body-Walk, Dance, Jump, and Run. Do whatever you want for as long as you sweat. Sweating can help flushing out viruses from our body by making us fit and healthy. Don’t sit around!

ü  Get enough sleep– who doesn’t want to sleep, right? It is the most comforting way to combat any illnesses and stress.  Indulge yourself once in a while by having a long sleep or try power nap in your office if you can.

ü  Avoid or lessen your vice intake-If you find yourself succumbed in drinking alcohol weekly, puffing cigarette during your break, and having a night life religiously I think you should think again. Remember even robots and machine needs some time-out once in a while so how much more our body.

ü  Take Vitamins– instead of spending money on vices mentioned-above, why not try loading your system with vitamins. Vitamin C, D and E is essential to our body.

ü  Eat green leafy vegetables– who says we can also get vitamins and minerals only from fruits? Another great source of vitamin C is bell pepper. Yes, green and red peppers give a pronounced vitamin C than any other citrus fruit we consume regularly. Try also spinach, malunggay leaves (Moringa Oleifera), broccoli, and some camote tops. Camote tops are rich in antioxidative compounds that may protect our body from oxidative stress which is often associated with many diseases including cancer and cardiovascular diseases.  So let’s Go Green!

ü  Eat Fish-try to have a salmon diet as well.  Salmon fishes are said to be beneficial to our body because of its Omega 3 fatty acids which prevents chronic inflammation. Omega 3 fatty acid locks moisture to our skin making it more youthful looking. Who can say no to FISH! 🙂


Norovirus : A new Flu Strain much more deadlier

norovirus strain, what is norovirus

While America is still fighting flu, Norovirus surfaced.  A new strain of a powerful norovirus is now racing person to person across the US. It’s a hard to prevent and easy to get severe stomach flu.

An expert on viruss and epidemics called this virus a “superbug. ” This new strain of norovirus, which makes people violently ill is now ripping across America and may spread worldwide if not deligently attended and contained.

The Norovirus which has been initially identified in australia is now ripping across the the US. About 21 million americans get norovirus, with those classic stomach flu symptoms. 800 will die in an average per year.

Within hours of being exposed to this virus, the carrier can be suddenly sick and no one has immunity to this new strain and 50% more could become violently ill.

The Norovirus is acting very fast.

Flu is spread mostly in the air, by coughs and sneezes. You need to breathe in as many as 1,000 virus particles to get sick.

While the Norovirus can react to the body easily by simply being exposed to 18 particles; an .18% of the particles of the usual flu virus and is considered extremely contagious.

How contagious can it be?  A carrier of this virus can infect someone even the person has touched one particular thing such as door handle or anything that can be touch by hand of the carrier even 15 days ago.  That’s how resistant is this virus to survival.  The worst part is even this is cleaned up by detergent, it will not remove the bacteria nor work against the virus.  However, bleach will have to help.

How is this virus going to effect people?

Most people are going to have a horrible two to three days and then feel better.

How to recover from this Norovirus?
The key is to drink plenty of liquids.

The usual hand sanitizer that can affect flu virus will not have any effect on Norovirus.