Top Tips In Choosing a Career Path

career path directions to choose

As month of March is fast approaching, summer is the next season to look forward to. However, for students it is also the mark of end of school year 2012-2013. Graduating students are now busy preparing for thesis, end-quarter project, preparing for senior prom and the much awaited graduation activities. But amidst all of these excitements, I’m pretty sure there are sentiments, anxiety and that big question concealed inside each graduating individuals.  What’s next after graduating at high school?  Have you decided what course you are pursuing?

Here are over view of top college courses which I find sound and promising.

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Careers in Engineering:

Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering program is designed for individuals who are keen to work in a very fast working environment. You may choose to work in Television and Radio Broadcasting and Telecommunication Company. Taking up this course provide students a strong theoretical and practical foundation in electronic technologies. The program is a combination of electronics and communications engineering, management and computer science, and focuses on the systems of communication, electromagnetic fields, microprocessor, electronic circuits and systems, computers, automatic controls, systems integration, signal processing and information system.

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering program provides students with knowledge and skills in the design, construction, and maintenance of roads, buildings, water supply and irrigations systems and bridges. It aims to train students for careers in research, practice and teaching of civil engineering. This course is for individuals who prefer to work in a competitive environment dealing with different kinds of people from A to Z. If you love to work in field of construction make sure you are also prepared to work remotely; literally away from city, family, and friends because other construction industries are based on far provinces specifically on mining industries. Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering program takes 5 years to complete.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology provides a program that focuses on the development and management of information technology resources and services. It centers on areas such as business, communication and technology which provide students’ knowledge and skills in systems analysis, data programming, computer networking and web technology.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. This course helps students to develop skills in designing, developing and managing computer-based system solutions and it has a wide range of job opportunities not only in the Philippines but to nearby Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, and even some booming countries at Middle East. If you want to work as Computer Scientist, Application and Software Developer, Information Security Specialist, System Analyst, Computer Animation Experts, Database Programmer or want to be a Computer Science Instructor, this program is for you.

Note:  Majority of engineering courses has to undergo a Board Examination given by its respective profession under the supervision of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC)


Careers in Tourism and Hotel Administration

Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management. If your passion is cooking and you want to be included in the lists of growing restaurateur and famous chef having their own TV shows then this is the program for you. This course enhances not just your appetite in food; by taking up this course you will be able to understand the ins and outs of managing a restaurant effectively and economically. It furthermore addresses the needs of sectors such as fast food chains, restaurants and resorts and makes sure that HRM graduates are efficient, competent and globally competitive. Good news is, there are schools and universities offering a split program. You can start by taking up an Associate in Hotel and Restaurant Management in just two years then pursue a bachelors’ degree after wards if family budget can still accommodate.  I heard that extra-curricular activities in taking up this program are quite expensive.  Board examination is not required in Hotel and Restaurant Management.


Careers in Arts, Designs and Music

Bachelor in Industrial Design. This may be new to your ears. But if you are into INNOVATION, then welcome to the group of those very creative and gifted individuals. J In this field, a student can have an opportunity to explore and meet the demands for revolution for a convenient living. This course enables graduates to contribute and support of manufacturing industry. A student can develop his/her creative and technical skills by applying the current technology supported by business studies, professional practice, consumer knowledge and ethics.  A graduate of this course can join an automotive industry and furniture industry in particular and other related field.

Bachelor in Interior Design. Another area for creative mind individual who’s into making a place conveniently livable. Yes, they are the people behind those elegant looking five star hotels, they make restaurant more appetizing by simply looking at it, and create a cozy home and condominiums to live to.  In taking up a course in enhancing your talent in interior design, student can learn that the design of interiors is not confined to the inside of buildings, but addresses spatial and temporal concerns, ranging from the intimacy of a finely crafted object to the urban fabric of a city.  A student has to use a range of skills to push current boundaries including high-level visual and verbal communication and presentation techniques, model making, technical design documentation, and the ability to work with light, sound, video and computer-based programs. Now is the perfect timing to take up this program as construction of high-rising hotels and condominiums are booming not only in our country but globally growing as well.

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Other Courses:

Business Administration courses basically refer to managing and running a particular entity regardless it is a big corporation or a small scale start-up company. Under this category, a student can choose what to take up majoring the fields in Banking and Finance, Entrepreneurships, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Operations and Supply Chain Management.

Education Courses; well basically it is the science of teaching and the NOBLEST career. Can you imagine the world without educators and teachers? There will be chaos and ignorance right. Each one of us is an educator in nature. There is just a NEED to further study a particular idea, subject and matter so we could impart it to others and make it applicable and workable. Taking up this degree can bring you to a higher level on any field you have interest with. Students aspiring to pursue a career in teaching can choose between (BEED) Bachelor of Elementary Education) and (BSED) Bachelor of Secondary Education).  Passing the Teacher Licensure Examination is one of the requirements in seeking employment in this chosen field again under the supervision of (PRC) Professional Regulatory Commission.

Of course aside from what I have mentioned above, there are still other programs or courses fitted for each student /individual.  My advice is to know your inner self. The keys to be successful in any particular field depend on each person’s interests, passion and God given talent.


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